Registration Process

All project owners and aggregators must open a seller account on the UCR platform. Prior to submission of any project activity please check the following:

  • Project Commissioning Date Projects must be commissioned on or after 01/01/2002 (January 01, 2002) to be eligible into the program.

  • Carbon Crediting Period All carbon credits can be claimed for periods beginning on or after 01/01/2013 (January 01, 2013) and not earlier.

  • Project Types Please review the UCR Standard and Manual for positive pre-approved project types and ineligible project activities.

  • Projects registered/verified under alternate GHG programs Skip Steps 2, 3 and 4. Hire verifier to showcase doublecounting issue is addressed.

  • Step 01

    Seller prepares and uploads PCN Seller uploads 1 minute mobile video to show project is currently operational

    *If seller is an aggregator then Comm. Agreement with each project is required

  • Step 02

    Seller awaits UCR approval to proceed with verification

    *Verification approval is displayed on the CoU Approved for Verification section of platform

  • Step 03

    Seller contacts/hires Verifier Verifier checks if project is pre-approved for verification

    Seller prepares MR and other documents to submit to Verifier

  • Step 06

    Seller has following CoU options -Retire - Trade (OTC or Exchange) - Burn & Tokenize

    Burn & Tokenize matching with the Hold And Trade

  • Step 05

    Seller uploads MR, VR, VS on UCR platform UCR reviews and on approval issues CoUs into Seller account

    UCR auto deducts 5% of total CoUs issued to Seller in fees

  • Step 04

    Verifier completes verification and off-site remote audit as per UCR Verification Standard

    Verifier prepares VR and VS to submit to Seller